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YouTube Red to be swapped by YouTube Premium and Music

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YouTube’s paid “Red” section is getting shafted and will be replaced with a cheaper YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. YouTube is experiencing a huge renovation, with its paid Red service creating way for two new products: YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. Let’s start with YouTube Premium, which is replacing YouTube Red. You still get no ads on videos, background playback on mobile, and the ability to save videos for offline playback.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium would be the new home of special content such as YouTube Originals, alongside ad-free videos and downloads. Of course, since it is Premium, you will also get all the features originate within YouTube Music as a treat. YouTube Premium is however alternative go from the company to break into the exclusive club of video streaming services which have their own original shows, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon’s Prime Video. It is a terrain where it has yet to be taken seriously.

YouTube Music

Meanwhile, YouTube Music was initially launched back in 2015, earlier it quickly folded and got transferred into the shadows. But, now could be the time for a proper attack on Spotify, which is still the class forerunner with 75 million subscribers. As clear by the name, YouTube Music is more of a Spotify competitor, allowing music streaming, background playback, as well as for showing good-old music videos. Google had previously bundled its Google Play Music service with YouTube Red but that portion is now going to be a separate thing.

Price and Availability

YouTube Music is available both free (with ads) or for $9.99 per month. YouTube Premium, on the other hand, will come for a fixed $11.99 a month, which seems an improved value than YouTube Red now that it comes with extra features.
Consumers who want to keep the lower price-tag can sign up now, before the service has rolled, but, despite the increase in the number of markets where they are available, the services remain quite limited in their reach.

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