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YouTube Has Crossed 2 Billion Monthly Users: Sundar Pichai

YouTube Has Crossed 2 Billion Monthly Users: Sundar Pichai

According to the latest stats Facebook is world’s most popular social networking site, with the active monthly 2.38 billion users and the Facebook users getting increase. But it seems that Google’s video and social networking site YouTube getting more popularity, therefore YouTube users has crossed 2 billion figure, which is alarming situation for Facebook.

The number of YouTube users / subscribers logged on YouTube has exceeded 2 billion and thus YouTube is now on 2nd position with 2 billion active users. Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said on Thursday that during the last quarter, the number of users who used YouTube at least once in the month increased by 200 million, and consequently the number of YouTube users are crossed figure of 2 billion users.

However, YouTube has achieved this milestone at the time when it faces multiple disputes while uploading dangerous content on YouTube, and therefore has multiple companies removed its ads from YouTube. Sundar Pichai told with the announcement that YouTube is now proving educational hub for people and here people do not just come for fun but also find information.

Well, the biggest threat to the popularity of Facebook and YouTube i.e. WhatsApp, the number of users exceeded by 1.50 billion in February last year and the use of this messaging application is increasing day by day. Since then, Facebook did not release number of WhatsApp active users, but it might be expected to be around 2 billion.

Remember, Facebook purchase WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014 with 450 million users, but after 5 years now WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app for smartphones, according to OnDevice Research with almost 1.90 billion users. Now, Facebook is finally getting serious about monetizing WhatsApp with the recent launch of the WhatsApp for Business app.

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