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What Is WhatsApp Plus And WhatsApp Gold and should it update?

What Is WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Gold and should it update?

Have you ever heard about WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp Plus and thought what this is? In view of the most people, this Gold and WhatsApp Plus is the version that is available only for celebrities. First of all know that there is no fact about these versions. WhatsApp-Gold that made its appearance in 2016 is back again. Downloading it will only install malware into your phone and even jeopardize your personal data. Actually these two versions are virus which will steal your data.

A message is spreading around the globe in the WhatsApp, which is claimed to be a Martinelli video scam, which will hack you the phone. The message is written ‘All people who use the WhatsApp Gold, spread this message forward. It is written in more detail if you get a message that you can update the WhatsApp with Gold and Whatsapp Plus, never click, this virus is very dangerous, be aware of it.

Moreover, a viral warning that talks about the “Martinelli video” scam, where if you download the video link malware could be installed in device, has been circulating on social media. That warning appears to be a hoax as well and is a fake forward, as no such video exists. On the other hand, the Martinelli video could also be a front for “WhatsApp Gold”. Both these supposed links aim to do the same thing.

If you get this message, do not click on the upgrade link, but just delete the message immediately. Remember that the WhatsApp has the same version that already exists in your phone and it automatically updates. All other versions WhatsApp Plus and Gold are fake and virus that can steal your data. Beware…

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