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What Is Steganography? Another Weapon of Hackers To Spread Malware

What Is Steganography? Another Weapon of Hackers To Spread Malware

Cyber Criminals now tunnel the malicious data to devices in a different way called “Steganography”. It involves hiding a document, video, or photograph inside another file that seems legit. Now that encryption is relatively easy to detect, attackers are increasingly hiding their hostile content embedded in banner ads, text messages, or images. This is steganography — the digital equivalent of invisible ink.

Detecting the hidden data is like finding a needle in a haystack. This technique makes it easy for criminals to secretly transmit malware and steal sensitive data. This is a very serious threat, and its prevention requires the end users to respond vigilantly whenever they encounter banner ads, text messages, or images while browsing the internet i.e. websites and digital apps.


1: Do not open attachments or click links in emails sent from unknown or untrusted senders. Apply the same vigilant approach for emails of known contacts so that you may not be a victim of malware.
2: Do not click banner ads, text messages, or images on websites and social media pages/apps. Such links are often the fraudulent paths to malware.
3: Always scan downloaded files to detect malware before copying or opening them.
4: Keep the antimalware/antivirus software updated.
5: Perform regular scans of computer systems and mobile devices via updated anti-malware/antivirus software.

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