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1: Late Abdul Sattar Edhi – Founder of Edhi Foundation

One who save any human, it means who save the whole humanity. Such person who is noble, simple and keeping the pain for humanity; has done such work not in Pakistan but also in the world, which even the Government of developed country cannot do. Yes, we are now talked about the honorable and great person “Abdul Sattar Edhi”. He is the founder and head of the Edhi Foundation, the largest non-profit social welfare organization in Pakistan. Abdul Sattar Edhi laid the foundation of Edhi Foundation with his wife Bilques Edhi. Both husband and wife, but now Bilques Edhi and her son laid such foundation by hard working day and night to which no any foundation of the world can compete.

Edhi Foundation owns the world’s largest ambulance service, and operates free nursing homes, orphanages, clinics, women’s shelters, food kitchens, and rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and mentally ill individuals all across the country.

Abdul Sattar Edhi was born on 1st January 1928, Unfortunately he is not in this world. But, he retained the spirit to serve the humanity from the beginning. To this person who is serving the millions of human, the more we pray is less. It is pray to Allah that He will soon bless him with health and keep his shadow upon the country.

2: Imran Khan – Chairman Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf

As the world is filled with the rich people, who are donating billions to help the humanity; but there are some people who has not anything in the beginning but love for the humanity and spirit of nobleness takes them to the place that Allah make them to do such work that people remember them in their prayers till the world stays. The world is filled with such historical personalities, we will remark only Imran khan from that people here, and who laid the foundations of first cancer hospital to serve the humanity in Pakistan.

As a National Hero, the whole team of beardbanker.com is the biggest fan of Imran khan, and we are inspired by Imran Khan. Either the world cup of 1992 or the Shoukat Khanam Memorial Trust Hospital and Research Center, both titles are to the Pakistan due to Imran Khan.

The pangs and sufferings are the part of every human. Most people only resolve their own issues; they do not do anything for others. But Imran Khan did not forget his mother’s death which was due to the cancer. He made his aim that the disease which took the life of his mother would not take the life of anyone else’s mother or any family member. Millions of people lost their lives due to improper treatment of cancer. He declared to construct the Shoukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital after winning Cricket World Cup 1992.

When the spirit of goodness is in the heart, then Allah also helps. So, keeping this spirit in the heart, Imran Khan founded such hospital in which there is almost 70% patients are getting free treatment. Now, the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust Hospital is successfully running in Pakistan, and very soon it will build in Peshawar and Karachi, where the construction is continuing. We pray that Allah give health to Imran and give him chance to help more people… Ameen

3: Malik Riaz Hussain- Chairman of Bahria Town Pvt.Ltd

There are many peoples in Pakistan who are so wealthy that they do not know how rich they are, but the spirit to help the people is less among people. But Allah has blessed Pakistan with such person who has the spirit to help the people in his heart. All of you know the Malik Riaz Hussain – Chairman Bahria Town, such persons born not in years but in centuries.

Malik Riaz Hussain has done so much for the Pakistani nation that as much the prayers are given to them, they are less for him. If talk about the Bahria Dastarkhwan or the people died in heatstroke, blasts and Earthquakes etc… Malik Riaz has helped them with open heart. We pray that Allah blessed him with health and stay blessed his shadow upon the poor, who eat the best quality meal 3 times a day free of cost from Bahria Dastarkhwan. Allah will always bless you with happiness… Ameen.

Dear Visitors And Readers:

We pay homage to the above mentioned three great personalities, and we proudly say that these great names of Pakistanis are the symbols for all over the world. To see them, there is a feeling that humanity is something. We are the fan of Late Abdul Sattar Edhi, Malik Riaz Hussain and Imran Khan. We pray to Almighty Allah that He may bless us with the spirit to serve and help the humanity. You also should do noble deeds as you can, and create easiness for the people. Allah may bless us to help the others…. Ameen.