Twitter Algorithms Are Biased and Partial

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Since the 2016 Presidential Elections in USA, the role of Social Media in influencing the outcome of elections is heavily debated. Earlier, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was called by US Lawmakers in April 2018 to explain the role of Facebook in molding public opinion. On this occasion, CEOs of Twitter and Google were called to explain their role; however, Google CEO Sundar Pichai was not available for the Senate hearing.

CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey faced allegations of bias against conservatives which were spearheaded by Republican lawmakers. It was informed that the content showed to the user on Twitter is tailored in a fashion to match the preferences of user.

However, content from around 600,000 accounts was manipulated in a way which showed bias and partiality. Lawmakers accused that right wingers are deliberately overlooked; however, Dorsey has insisted his company is not deliberately discriminating against right-wingers.

CEO of Twitter admitted that present situation is not ideal and much is required to change. Moreover, he repeatedly denied any intentional bias from Twitter against specific accounts.

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