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The Youngest Billionaire – Kylie Jenner

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It is possible that reason of fame for Kylie Jenner is her sisters, however, it is also a fact that she is very near to become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. As per Forex, a US magazine, Kylie is worth more than 90 crore USD. As per the magazine, Kylie is not only richer than her sisters but is also the 27th richest lady in USA. Kylie’s elder sister Kim Kardashian, a famous reality TV star is only worth 35 crore USD.

Assets of Kylie Jenner increased exponentially due to increase in sales of her cosmetic products. Kylie Cosmetics is worth more than 80 crore USD and during last year it sold products worth 33 crore USD. Kylie Jenner is the owner of this business and she has made her business famous through social media. Only 5 permanent employees have been hired by her which means that very less money is required to be paid on administrative costs.

Extent of her fame on Social Media can be gauged by the fact that in February this year, she posted a message of only 18 words against SnapChat which caused a loss of Rs 130 Billion to Facebook. As per the magazine Kylie is likely to be the youngest Billionaire during next year and will replace Mark Zuckerberg as youngest billionaire who attained this status at the age of 23 years.

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