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The WhatsApp Is Ready To Introduce The Best Features Ever

The WhatsApp Is Ready To Introduce The Best Features Ever

Although the world’s most popular messaging application WhatsApp is engaged in introducing new features continuously for the last few years. However, now the information has come out that the WhatsApp is going to introduce some features soon, which are now being considered the best features of this app.

Two years before, the rumor was revealed that WhatsApp will introduce a feature that when a user will take the screenshot of chat screen, a notification will be sent to the other WhatsApp user. Mean to say, if someone will take a screenshot of a friend’s photo or message, WhatsApp will report it to other user, but it was just a rumor which caused many people to get upset.

But now the information has come up that WhatsApp is going to introduce this feature soon, but now this feature will be introduced with good changes. There are reports that the App is going to introduce a feature through which no user will be able to take a screenshot of any message, photo and video.

A tech news website that reports on Whats-App related topics, notes that the feature currently has no timeline for when it will be released to users, but it is definitely in the works. The feature will allow users to unlock WhatsApp and all the chats inside it using the same fingerprint scanner that you will use to unlock the phone and no other person will be able to take screenshots of his messages, photos and videos.

According to the recent news under this feature, no one will be able to access users WhatsApp account until the account holder will open the lock by fingerprint. So far, it is difficult to reach anyone’s WhatsApp account, but not impossible, but after this feature it is believed that accessible to any non-person’s Whats-App account will become almost impossible.

This feature would be available in future for any Android user (and later for iOS users too) having Android’s latest version and a fingerprint sensor. It is believed that before the start of next year these new features will be part of the WhatsApp.

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