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The First Error Occurred In Google Pixel 3 Smart Phone Camera

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Google introduced its Google Pixel 3 smartphone on 10th October, which had been leaked before its official launch by company. Google’s pixel phones are being considered as the best pixel phones ever, but there was a fault in the first 10 days of introduction of them. Many users from around the world complained that we are facing issue in camera in Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3XL; it seems that the camera is deteriorated and not working, Google acknowledged it on Google’s own forum.

Many users complained similar to Reddit that they were having difficulty in saving the multiple photos in mobile phone. Users said sometimes images dropped from the camera are not stored in mobile, and for some time the same pictures are not saved after a long time appear in the mobile.

Some users say that some pictures are saved and easy to view in the gallery; however, when they are clicked for sharing, the phone system tells that this photo is not saved or not available in Gallery. A user says, so I was wondering if this is still a phone you’d recommend to people?.

The users said we are in in trouble that we do not understand whether this error is in the camera or in mobile? Because some pictures are not visible even after the pictures are detected immediately and sometimes the pictures dropped are visible after a long time passes.

But unfortunately, Google never reacted after the complaints came out. It is believed that the Google Pixel 3 XL price is $850 and the Google pixel 3 is up to $ 650, as these phones are presented in different models.

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