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The Elves and The Shoemaker Story – Part 2

The Elves and The Shoemaker Story,Beard Banker


One evening, a few weeks before Christmas, The Shoemaker went to his wife. Shall we stay up tonight to see who it is the helps us? He asked. That is a very good idea, replied his wife. So the shoemaker lit a candle, and he and his wife went into the workshop. They hid themselves in corner of the room, behind and old cupboard. Then they sat quietly and waited. They could hear the clock going “tick-tock”, “tick-tock”. The hours passed, but nothing happened. Then, just as the clock workshop creak open.

The shoemaker and his wife slowly put their heads round the corner and looked into the workshop. They were most surprised to see two tiny Elves, dressed in old cloths. The elves ran to the workbench in their bare feet and jumped on to the top. They took up the pieces of leather and began to stitch and sew and hammer. They worked neatly and quickly, and did not stop even for a moment.

When their work was done, and the shoes were all neatly arranged in a line, the elves ran quickly away “How can we thank these kind elves?’ said The Shoemaker the next morning. They had no shoes, and they were dressed in rags. I know, said his wife, ‘Let’s make them new clothes and shoes. What a good idea said the shoemaker And, Christmas is coming,’ said the shoemaker’s wife, “so we can give them the shoes and the clothes as a present. During the days that followed, the shoemaker and his wife made new clothes and shoes for the elves.

The shoemaker made some tiny shoes, from the softest leather. His wife made two white shirts, two green jackets, two pairs of trousers and two little caps, each with a feather in it. By Christmas Eve, the tiny clothes and shoes were finished. The shoemaker cleared the leather and the tools from his workbench. He did not leave any pieces of leather on the workbench.

No work for our little friends tonight,’ he said to his wife. The shoemaker’s wife laid the clothes and shoes on the bench. Then she and her husband hid behind the cupboard and waited. Just as before at twelve o’clock, the workshop door creaked open. In came the two elves and jumped up onto the bench. The elves were astonished! Instead of the usual pieces of leather, they found clothes and shoes on the workbench. They tried on their new clothes.

How delighted they were! Then they skipped and hopped, sang and chatted, and danced hand in hand. How they smiled and laughed. The little elves never came back to the workshop again. But the shoemaker and his wife were now rich and happy. They had more than enough money to live on for the rest of their day.

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