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The Elves and The Shoemaker Story – Part 1

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Once upon a time, in a small town, there lived a shoemaker and his wife. They were good people, but they were poor. The shoemaker worked hard, yet he and his wife got very little money. As time passed, they grew poorer and poorer. Al last the day came when shoemaker had only one piece of leather left. He could make only one pair of shoes from the leather. He left the pieces on his workbench.

I shall finish the shoes tomorrow, he said to his wife. And they went upstairs to bed. On the way to their room the poor shoemaker spoke sadly to his wife. That was my last piece of leather; he said tomorrow I will make a pair of shoes. But what will become of us after that?

The next morning, after breakfast, Mr. Shoemaker went into his workshop. There on his bench, he found a pair of shoes already made. He was astonished! He called his wife to have a look. The shoemaker and his wife looked carefully at the shoes. I have never seen a pair of shoes so well made, said the shoemaker’s wife. Yes, they are perfect, said the shoemaker.

Shoemaker and his wife could not think who has sewn the shoes. The shoemaker placed the shoes in his window. He hoped that someone would come and buy them. Later that day, a lady came into the shop. Are those shoes in the window for sale? asked the lady. They certainly are, said the shoemaker. He took the shoes out of the window and wiped them on his sleeve. He placed them on the table in front of the woman. The lady picked up the shoes and said, I have never seen such well-made shoes.

Shoemaker was very pleased. With the money, he was able to buy leather for two pairs of shoes. That night, the shoemaker cut out two pairs of shoes. He left them on his workbench, all ready for him to sew in the morning. Then he went to bed. In the morning, the shoemaker went straight into his shop to make the shoes. But he had no need to do so. There on his workbench, were two pairs of shoes. They were perfect, without a single bad stitch.

Later that morning a man came into the shop, and bought both pairs of shoes. He paid The Shoemaker twice the usual price. The shoemaker was so please, he went off straight away to buy more leather. He came back to the shop with enough leather for four pairs of shoes. As usual, the shoemaker cut out the leather for four pairs of shoes. At night, he put the pieces on his workbench. Then he went to bed.

Before he went to bed, Shoemaker” would arrange the pieces of leather on his workbench. In the morning he would find the shoes already made. How lucky we are, said the shoemaker to his wife. Yes indeed, replied his wife. We are getting richer and richer. But I would like to know who is doing this work for us, said the shoemaker….

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