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The 5 Most Victorious Bank Robberies of The History

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States, and its principal federal law enforcement agency. FBI reported nearly 4000 annual bank thieveries in the United States of America last year. Here are the 5 most victorious bank robberies of the history which resulted with the exceptional combination of luck, cunning constant research and experience of the gangs.

5 Most Victorious Bank Robberies

  • Banco Central Robbery
  • Brink’s-MAT Heist
  • Central Bank of Iraq Burglary
  • British Bank of Middle East Thievery
  • Northern Bank Heist


1. Banco Central Robbery

Brazil: 2005
Stolen: $70 million

In 2005 a group if robbers got some commercial property on rent in the middle of the city, they pretended as the landscapers and started digging underground towards the direction beneath the bank. The gang took 3 months to dig 256 foot tunnel towards the bank. Then cunningly on a weekend in august they managed the concrete penetration into the basement of Banco Central branch and successfully robbed 3.5 tons of Brazilian real notes through the tunnel. Some cash had been recovered by Brazilian police.

2. Brink’s-MAT Heist

London: 1983
Stolen: $ 41 million

A gang of 6 robbers managed to make their way into the Brink’s-MAT warehouse, early in the morning in November with the help of a security guard. They entered with a target of stealing £3 million in cash, but once they successfully controlled the bank they discovered 3 tons of gold and diamonds in the bank, they changed the plan to rob the gold too. That was amazingly fortunate day for them. Later few members of the gang were captured and declared guilty, but the golf has never got out of the woods.

3. Central Bank of Iraq Burglary

Iraq: 2003
Stolen: over $ 920 million

This grand theft has been considered one of the biggest heist of the older times. Apparently this bold heist was done on the direct orders of Saddam Hussain few days before the American take over. Reports tell a note was sent to the bank with signature of Saddam Hussain on the instructions and orders to withdraw $ 920 million immediately in the favour of his son Qusay. He reportedly took more than 5 hours to load the money on his private trucks with one unknown man. He took all the money to some hidden place which yet gas not been discovered. Reports tell us that almost $650 million was recovered from Saddam Hussain’s palace. The rest of money is still undiscovered.

4. British Bank of Middle East Thievery

Lebanon: 1976
Stolen: up to $50 million

During Lebanon’s Civil war a group of thieves entered into the bank through a church wall attached to the bank’s wall. They blasted the wall from inside the church and managed to crack all the locks in the bank and went away with worth $ 50 million cash, gold and stocks.

5. Northern Bank Heist

United Kingdom: 2004
Stolen: $41 million

Reportedly days before the New Year 2004, a gang of robbers entered into the homes of two bank branch managers. Thy kept their families and they on gunpoint hold. Next morning the managers were asked to head to their work normally and let the robbers enter the bank at the last working hours. The looters executed the plan successfully and looted all the cash from the bank as well as they left the families unharmed. The fang is still not convicted and nothing has been recovered till today.

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