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TalkTalk Hacker Daniel Kelley Sentenced To Prison For Four Years

TalkTalk Hacker Daniel Kelley Sentenced To Four Years

One of the top and interesting hacking case of United Kingdom about hacking of a telecom group and blackmailing, now finally ended. A young British named TalkTalk Hacker Daniel Kelley behind the mega-attack on TalkTalk Telecom Group breach in 2015 has been sentenced to four years’ in a youth detention centre United Kingdom. Very young and talented in hacking 22 years old Daniel Kelley, was sent down on Monday after pleading guilty to eleven charges of hacking, company chief blackmailing, fraud and money laundering in December 2016. Police say teenager Daniel Kelley played a ‘focal’ role in the TalkTalk security breach that cost the company £42million.


TalkTalk Hacker Daniel Kelley, from Llanelli, South Wales, was sentenced at the old Bailey by Judge Mark Dennis and will serve the sentence in a young criminals’ institution. In his presiding, Judge Dennis said that Daniel Kelley carried out hacking “For His Own Personal Satisfaction” and did not consider the damage caused by his acts.

Public prosecutor described him as a “Prolific, Skilled & Cynical Cyber-Criminal” who was willing to bully, intimidate, and then ruin his chosen victims from a professed position of secrecy and safety – behind the screen of a computer. TalkTalk Hacker Kelley became a “BLACK HAT Hacker” in his college days after he failed to get the required Grades To Complete A Computer Course (GCSE).

Daniel was just 16 year old when he hacked the computer network of his college due to Spite and Revenge, also causing disruption to teaching staff as well as students. Between September 2013 and November 2015, he engaged in a wide range of hacking activities.

Daniel Kelley attacked TalkTalk’s network in 2015 and stole bank details and email addresses of roughly 157,000 customers. He even used stolen details to blackmail ex-boss Dido Harding and other executives to and demanded a substantial cash payout in 465 bitcoin, or about $362,000. TalkTalk estimated total loss incurred to the company from the hack to be around £77m.

In spite of attacking about half a dozen other companies and organizations, Daniel received just £4,400 worth of Bitcoins, despite making demands for around £115,000. Dean George QC appealed to the court not to impose a jail sentence on Daniel Kelly as, since pleading guilty to the crimes; he has been identified with Asperger’s syndrome and hurt depression and dangerous weight loss.

Kelley is a prolific and ruthless cyber-criminal and blackmailer who caused substantial damage, distress, harm and loss to victims worldwide,” said Acting Detective Sergeant Rob Burrows, the Met’s Cyber Crime Unit Officer in the case and the Chief Investigator. From 2013 to 2015, Kelley embarked on a crime spree online for his own financial gain showing no remorse and was a high risk to the public and businesses.

Kelley convictions and punishing today send out a clear message to cyber-criminals specially hackers committing crime anonymously online they will be identified, arrested and prosecuted for their destructive crimes. I encourage all victims of cyber-crime to report incidents to Action Fraud.

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