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Suzuki Mehran Manufacturing Finally Going To Be Stopped

Pak Suzuki Motors is set to officially stop manufacturing of Suzuki Mehran for good in Pakistan, and might finally bring some important changes to its lineup in the not-so-distant future. The company had already issued notices to its vendors and dealerships to notify its decision to end production for the Suzuki Mehran VX variant by November 2018. Back then, it was imprecise whether Pak Suzuki planned on pulling the plug on Mehran completely, with its comparatively higher-end VXR variant.

According to the conformed sources, we can confirm that both variants, VX and VXR, are getting officially stopped, according to Pak Suzuki’s latest report issued to dealerships throughout the country. Unlike the VX variant, the Mehran VXR will continue to be produced till the end of March 2019, and will completely stop by April next year.

The circular letter, which lists the company’s production plan for the following year, as well as some other tidbits for its vendors, is shown below:

Suzuki Mehran Discontinue,Suzuki Motors, Suzuki Mehran VX,Suzuki Dealers

The automaker will produce 23,821 units of Mehran (VX and VXR) between September 2018 and April 2019, however, these will be the last units of Suzuki Mehran ever produced. Suzuki has directed all dealers to only prepare parts for the vehicle accordingly in order to avoid a surplus.

Suzuki Mehran has ruled in the country’s auto market for over 30 years and has been amongst the best sellers during that time. As the company is set to face severe economic pressure in the near future, it might have to bring some sensible change to stay related in the coming years.

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