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Strangeness In Facebook’s Live Stream Rules After New Zealand Mosque Attacks

The social networking website, Facebook, said that the web site is tightening its live video streaming laws after broadcasting a direct video of a massive attack on the mosques in New Zealand. According to the French News Agency, Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, said in an online post that the question of different people was how the Facebook’s live stream platform used for New Zealand mosque attacks.

Already confirmed that an Austrian gym trainer Brenton Tarrant, the armed man who has shared the live s of New Zealand Mosque Attacks on March 15 in the city Christchurch, where white supremacist who opened fire on Muslim Worshipers at two mosques claimed 50 lives.

Further, Sheryl Sandberg said we have taken three steps in the context of the terrorist attack, in which to strongest the rules for the use of Facebook live stream, to take steps to cope with hatred on our platforms and to support the New Zealand community. Facebook is looking on the issue of preventing people who previously waged against its community standards of Facebook’s live streaming.

The social network is using artificial intelligence tools to identify and remove hate groups in Australia and New Zealand, according to Sheryl Sandberg. Those groups will be banned from Facebook services. She said that although the video of the New Zealand invasion was broadcast live. But, we know that it was difficult to block this video from users account and we could not block it for our system due to lots of sharing from Facebook users.

However, those with bad intentions will always try to reach around our security measures. From Facebook, more than 900 such videos were shown in which violence was shown. Facebook this week announce it would ban praise or support for white nationalism and white separatism as part of a stepped-up crackdown on hate speech.

Sheryl Sandberg said that all these groups will be blocked for Facebook services. Facebook policies already banned posts endorsing white supremacy as part of its prohibition against spewing hate at people based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity or religion.

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