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Story of Indian Model Mansi Dixit Murder Case is Near To Complete

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Few days ago, on October 16, this news came from Mumbai, India, that a young student murdered Girl friend model in a random way and dead body stuffed inside a suitcase and threw at a deserted spot in Mumbai’s western suburb of Malad on Monday. The 19 years old Syed Muzammil Hussain accused arrested now by police, but during Mansi Dixit Murder case investigation Muzammil keeps changing his statements. But now, it seems that the story of Bollywood model Mansi Dixit murder case is near to complete.

According to the Times of India and The Free Press Journal, Mumbai police revealed during the investigation of Model Mansi Dixit murder case, the young model was killed on physical relation refusal by Syed Muzammil. Broadcasting agency DNA India also said that 19 years old Syed Muzammil demanded physical relations before killing Mansi Dixit.

As per different reports about Mansi Dixit Murder Case, 19-year-old Syed Muzammil has told the cops that his friendship with Mansi gave him a sense of pride and satisfaction among his friend circle as he had always been intimidated since his school days by his peers. He also revealed that he killed her after she turned down his demand for physical relationship.

The report states that after denying continuous physical relationship from Mansi Dixit, the accused put the rope in the neck of the model to kill her and the body of a young model was found in a suitcase. Reports also indicate that the murderer who killed the model friend had made an abusive violence his mother over 3 years ago. Dixit had returned from her native town in Rajasthan on Sunday.

A police source told Hindustan Times, The accused confessed to have demanded to have sex with her. When she said no, he got enraged and hit her on the head with a stool. But he keeps changing his statements. So, sustained interrogation is going on to ascertain the motive behind the Mansi Dixit murder case.

We have enough scientific and other evidence to nail him for the crime. We are still collecting evidence during Mansi Dixit murder case investigation. Also, we have several witnesses who can link him to the crime.

Muzammil in his confession to the police said he got scared after she lost conscious. He tried to wake her up by sprinkling water on her. She then gained partial consciousness. However, Muzammil was worried that his mother would come home. So, he strangled her with a rope. He then booked a taxi from his phone to dispose of her body.

The victim, Mansi Dixit hailing from Kota, was closely known to the accused. She had come to Mumbai to try her luck in Bollywood and lived in a rented flat in Andheri after managing to secure small roles in some films and also some modeling assignments. She came in contact with Syed Muzammil through social media.

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