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Soneri Bank’s Core Banking System Upgraded to Temenos T24

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A week ago, I sent my driver to Soneri Bank to get a cheque cashed but he came back and told that the Bank has not paid the cheque due to the reason that their system is not available. I sent the driver again after 3 hours yet he got the same response and came back. Meanwhile, I called by Bank Assistant to inquire about the matter and I was told that Soneri Bank is upgrading its Core Banking System Temenos T24 and no banking transaction is possible at the moment for few days.

After 4 to 5 days, I visited the Soneri Bank branch and got to know that Soneri Bank has successfully upgraded to new core banking system Temenos T24 but some further upgrades are still on the way speedily. As per a press release after a Soneri Bank’s meeting of Board of Directors chaired by Mr. Alauddin Feerasta held in Karachi, that they are sorry for the inconvenience cause to customers over the last few days and the reason of this was that we wanted to move Soneri Bank to the latest core banking system, which is Temenos T24.

Alauddin Feerasta further said that they are pleased for the successful up-gradation to new core banking system T24, which will enable the Bank to provide better and improves serves along the way with 98% of the upgrdation process completed. However, there are some nominal upgrades in the process including SMS alerts to the customer and some Soneri Bank Mobile App related issues which will be accomplished very soon. It will be needless to mention here that after 25+ days, the SMS alerts service has still not being in effect.

It was further announced in the meeting that the Bank has achieved higher profit during the year 2017 in comparison to the year 2016, which is the result of hardwork and better services provided by the Bank staff. He said that as per the financial report for the period ending 30.12.2017, Soneri Bank’s before tax profit is Rs.2830.97 Million and profit after tax Rs.1643.33 Million. The Board of Directors has also announced final cash dividend for the year ended 31.12.2017 @ 7.50% i.e. Re. 0.75 per share.

Soneri Bank holds a considerable number of customers in trade-finance and transaction banking services with increasing numbers if loyal and satisfied client-base in all of its 290 branches across the country. The Bank has shown consistently met the increasing expectations of customers and is committed to grow by timely investing in IT, HR, marketing and infrastructure.

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