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Social Media Left Newspapers In Pursuit of News: PEO

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In the meantime, the only source of news acquisition used to be newspapers, in which there was later television, but now the new research says that the social media websites have replaced the mainstream media. According to the French News Agency, AFP and the US Research Center (PEO) says that social networking sites especially Facebook and Twitter increasing their popularity day by day instead of news channels, and coming days they will create problems for news channels and agencies.

“Better News Without Fear, On Social Media”

According to the research, 20% of the American citizens receive news from social networking sites, while the proportion of newspaper readers is 16%. According to the 2016 survey, newspapers were more important than social media, and in 2017 this ratio was equal to both sources.

According to the PEO Research Center, despite the rise of social networking sites, television is still the strongest source of news and around 49 percent of American citizens are aware of it. However, this research conducted with news access was seen a clear difference in age, where youths mostly social media while elderly people prefer television and publication.

In this regard, social networking sites is the most important source for news tracking and for those ages 18 to 29, while only 2 percent people like to read newspaper. On the other hand, a large number of people almost 65 percent of the age of 65 years and older are prefer to watch news on television, while 39 percent said they read newspapers, and only 8 percent of people get news from social media.

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