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Shamima Begum’s 3rd Baby Expired, British Interior Minister Being Criticized

Shamima Begum: Sajid Javid labelled ‘moral coward’ over baby death

Syrian Democratic Forces Spokesperson has told that Shamima Begum, who left London for joining an Extremist Organization in 2015, has lost her 3rd new born son. A group from Refugee Camp Organization has confirmed Shamima Begum’s new born child’s recent death.

According to the medical Certificate new born died of pneumonia, child survived for less than three weeks. British Government Spokesperson said that any child’s death causes the severe distress and sorrow for the family. The spokesperson said the Government has constantly forbidden citizens to travel towards Syria, and will keep taking further steps to stop people from going towards controversial areas as well as from getting trapped into terrorism.

Remember that Shamima Begum along with her two fellows left her country to join an extremist organization in 2015. She was found in a Syrian refugee camp on mid-February of this year. She wanted to return her country but she had been dispossessed from her Britain citizenship. Shamima begum’s husband is arrested by an east Syrian Imprisonment, he has been informed his Son’s death.

A charity organization’s Medical staff member has told BBC that the child named Jarrah had difficulty while breathing. The child was brought to the doctors before shifting to the hospital along his mother on Thursday morning.

The medical staff also confirmed the time of death 13:30 according to the native time. After that Shamima begum was returned to the refugee camp, the child had been buried yesterday.

Sajid Javed the British Interior Minister before the child’s death confirmation told BBC that “this is sac to tell that there are so many innocent children who have born in the Battle zone. He said I have nothing to do for those innocent children who have been dragged into the war zone unfortunately except sympathy. This is a reminder that how dangerous it is to get trapped into the war zone.

Just 19 years old Shamima begum gave birth to the child after few days when she was found in a Syrian refugee camp by a generalist last month. According to the reports she has left the stronghold of extremist organization. She had lost her 2 children before, she names the new born Jarrah, as her eldest child’s name was also this.

However, Shamima begum’s child was born before her British nationality dispossession, so that the child will be considered a British citizen. Her family had previously requested the British government to get her back from Syria, on that British interior minister Sajid javed said she could face so many allegations on her return.

While talking to a British newspaper “The Times”, 19 years old Shamima begum sent a message that she is 9 months pregnant in a Syrian refugee camp and wants to get back to home for her child’s birth.

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