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Samsung Will Stop Making J-Series Smartphones Soon

Samsung Will Stop Making J-Series Smartphones Soon

One of the foremost smartphones brand Samsung is reportedly putting in for a significant overhaul to its Galaxy lineup, launching new series and merging others. It’s value noting that it’s the mid-range and entry-level series which is able to face the changes, instead of the flagship Note or S-series. It seems that Samsung will stop making J-Series smartphones in coming years.

According to the Korean news agency ET NEWS (which has been associate power on Samsung reports lately), Samsung might ax its entry-level J-series with the future phones sitting under the A-series moniker, which is able to possible see its scope dilated to hide additional entry-level devices.

The move can reportedly facilitate Samsung prevent competition from cheaper Chinese phones. Recently, DJ Koh, Samsung’s mobile division CEO, proclaimed plans to bring a lot of advanced options to mid-range phones, probably before they even reach high-end ones. It’s differently of justifying Samsung’s traditionally higher price levels.

Finally, Samsung are going to be launching the new M-series, which is able to succeed Galaxy On phones. The On-series is presently positioned as Samsung’s online-only brand, with a lot of budget and higher mid-range phones in its range. It’s nonetheless to be seen how this series will vary from the A-series lineup.

The new facelift could also help better differentiate Samsung’s different lineups from each other, as the current generation overlaps at a number of points.

The report doesn’t say once the fate of those series is going to be sealed, though; the method can possible be a gradual one that’ll develop over the coming year if the rumors are true the least bit.

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