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Punjab Government Has Appointed Syed Talib Rizvi As President BoP

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Syed Talib Rizvi has recently been appointed as the new CEO and President of Bank of Punjab (BOP) by the Punjab Government. This is the best decision taken by the Punjab government because he has so many achievements on his credit. Before him Khalid Siddiq Tirmizey was the acting CEO and president Bank of Punjab. Syed Talib Rizvi has replaced Mr. Khalid and has become the new CEO of (BOP). Before that Federal Government has appointed Arif Usmani President NBP, Zubyr Soomro as Chairman Board of Directors, National Bank of Pakistan and Dr. Raza Baqir appointed as new Governor State Bank of Pakistan.


Syed Muhammad Talib Rizvi has been the committed banker since 1998. He has 23 years’ experience of team building and banking. His expertise is in Banking and Finance and he has proved his mettle time and again with his great administrative and intellectual skills. He has studied from the brilliant Institutions of Pakistan like Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad and he has two majors on his credit, one in business administration and other in strategic business.

Syed Talib Rizvi is a man of many exceptional talents. Alongwith two master degrees, he holds many prestigious certificates from Stanford USA, INSEAD France, ING Bearing, IFC and many international forums, which he acquired from top institutions of different countries. According to the recent reports financial and profit wise BoP position is much better instead of poor like other Govt institutes.

Syed Talib Rizvi appointment is a great addition in the banking sector with new challenges and targets for the bank. He has a vast experience in banking and finance. Rizvi knows all about the bank management and it’s technicalities. He has remained the head of many prestigious banks like Bank Alfalah (as SEVP) and Habib Metropolitan Bank (as SEVP) for a span of 12 years. He is also known to be the youngest commercial and retail head of the banking sector. Talib Rizvi is a reputed personality and he is known for his professionalism and intellect.

Talib Rizvi president of BoP achieved all the great success in his life through his hard work and professionalism. He has no affiliation with any political party and he has not come on the mainstream by affiliating himself with political persons. He doesn’t believe in coming ahead riding on political favors. He has achieved everything in his life by dint of his hard work.


In a recent financial report Bank of Punjab (BoP) posted a profit of Rs. 7.6 billion in 2018 after tax rebates and setback of provisions. The profit was a surprise as the bank showed a loss of Rs. 3.3 billion in 2017 but it increasingly improved its losses into success in each quarter of the outgoing year. Obviously, the government’s support as the owner was important to help out the bank from its financial crisis.

Although Punjab Bank is a stable Bank and its needs no extreme reforms but still a person like Syed Muhammad Talib Rizvi is a great asset for this Bank and this is the first time Rizvi is appointed as the President and CEO of a banking company and a government institution at the same time. Rizvi’s appointment is a good omen for the banking sector. So far he has not joined office but he will join it soon. We wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.

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