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At Beard Banker’s Privacy Policy any user does not need to provide the personal information to visit and Keep in mind that your information which we receive through will not be share to any place, any person even on our website, and your information will be kept 100 percent confidential. Your personal information will be used only to deliver the updates about Other than this we will not share, sell or deliver the personal information to any third party.

Website Traffic Analysis: does not use any type of script and website generates software. Every user who appears on the site is original who is visiting the from different sources. We monitor the traffic coming to our site with Google Analytics. We have not installed any type of software or script which damage your system or other device, or generate any fake impression. In case of any damage,’s team will not be responsible.

Email, SMS And WhatsApp Subscription:
To subscribe email, SMS or WhatsApp, the personal information which has sent by the user like name, location or mobile number will not share or sell to any 3rd party nor will it misuse anywhere.

Third Party Advertising Partners:
All the visitors of keep in mind that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your browsers. For, instance one of our partners, Google uses the DoubleClick DART cookie on displaying Google AdSense for content ads/banners. Similarly, other local or international advertising partners may use their respective cookies to track advertising stats.

External Links:
We can share any kind of good news or information from any website to, and the link of original source must be mentioned at the end of the news. The press releases and news are come to category of Top Stories which we can share on our site. It is possible that by clicking any external link from our site, the site opening by clicking can get your personal information. BEARDBANKER.COM clears this that our site will not be responsible of this situation. We will not say to user to click on external link nor will we force him. It is user’s choice or responsibility that he carefully read the privacy policy of opened link, which we shall not be responsible.

Use of website Material:
The design, style, logo, text, designed images, graphics and all other elements are the sole property of our site are protected by copyright, intellectual property, trade dress and other applicable laws and may not be copied, modified, published, imitated, distributed, or transmitted in whole or in part without the prior written consent of It is against the law to share the images and copyrighted file with own name from our website, in against of which the legal action will be taken.

Disclaimer Press Release:
BEARDBANKER.COM receives many press releases from PR Agencies and Companies or other related parties. We do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy and completeness for any information provided in the press releases. Being a charity web site we publish them free of cost.

We Reserve the right to make necessary changes in PR (if required) and we reserve the right to reject or remove old PR anytime without any notice. BEARDBANKER.COM will not publish any press release or news without original source. Such press releases and news must be considered positive in accordance with the copyright law.

NOTE: This Privacy Policy Page can get updated any time, without a prior notice, so keep checking back.
Last updated: 14th May 2018.