Prince Harry And Meghan Markel’s Baby Shower Secret Ceremony

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Meghan Markel’s Child Birth is expected till April of this year. British Royal Family’s younger daughter-in-law Duchess of Sussex is Pregnant and child’s birth is expected this year. The Royal Family confirmed that first child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel is expected till April 2019. The Royal Family announced that Duke of Sussex and Duchess if Sussex are expecting their first child’s birth till upcoming spring. They got married in May, 2018.

This is first time after her marriage and pregnancy when Meghan Markel has visited her native country, United States of America. British Fashion Magazine “Vogue” has reported that Meghan Markel has reached America for 5 days visit and as well as she attended a Baby Shower Ceremony.

Although the Royal Family has not confirmed ant Meghan Markel’s Baby Shower Ceremony, yet some American and Britain broadcasting channels have revealed that a secret baby shower ceremony has performed.

According to the reports Meghan Markel’s baby shower ceremony was held in a luxurious hotel, where only close friends were invited. Meghan Markel got married in May 2018.

Meghan Markel’s Baby Shower Ceremony was organized by a Canadian Stylist friend Jessica Melony. According to the reports, only 15 persons attended the baby shower ceremony and it was kept secret as well.

After Meghan Markel’s Baby Shower ceremony and spending a bit of time with her beloved friends, Markel will go for a tour to Africa with her husband Prince Harry. There they will stay for few days before returning to their British land.

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