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Pakistani YouTuber Killed While Making A Ghost Prank Video

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The trend of becoming a YouTuber in Pakistan is increasing rapidly, but we do not think the losses are good, it’s good to have fun, but if you or someone else’s life is in danger it’s not a good thing. Your fun can put someone’s life in danger. A terrible incident happened where a Pakistani YouTuber killed while making a prank video.

Pakistani Youtuber Rana Zubair (boy with black dressing in feature picture), who runs the YouTube channel “Lahori Vines”, unfortunately he was shot during making a Ghost Prank video with the help of two friends Abdul Saboor and Hasnat Ali.

Upon inspection of his channel Lahori Vines, it is obvious that it was not the first prank attempted by Zubair and his friends. But, this recent prank proved to be fatal when he tried to scare people by wearing a white sheet over his head and masking as a ghost. Throughout all this commotion, some shots were fired and, unluckily, one of them hit Rana Zuhair, resulting in his unfortunate death.

According to the initial report, Police have arrested his friends Abdul Saboor and Hasnat Ali and an investigation has been started to get to the bottom of this whole incident. Must be a YouTuber but don’t try to involve emotionally in such kind of hobbies. It is advised to show limit during the making of these videos and avoid spoiling in pranks which can cause harm to yourself or others.

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