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Pakistan Needs A Proper Tax Culture: PM Imran Khan

Pakistan Needs A Proper Tax Culture: Prime Minister Imran Khan

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan says, we need to manage a Tax Culture in Pakistan and will have to reduce Taxes for a Common-man. If we would not change our self then in future we can have more complex situation. Our VIP are those people who pay Taxes, we are moving towards E-Governance so that we could collect taxes easily. Unfortunately, we have a specific class which goes abroad for their medical treatments with the tax money. But the most deserving people have to share beds with at least 4 co-patients in hospitals.

PM Imran Khan while his speech in an event organized in Prime Minister House, in the honour of the highest Tax Payers of Pakistan, said all the Tax Payers are VIP’S of Pakistan. We should include Tax Electorates in our VIP category. In seventies when nationalization started, people thought money making as sinful, and more money makers were charged more Taxes and due to this our growth fell down.

He said today, we are the most Backwards in Subcontinent. We value all those people who pay Taxes for the country. If we will not change our self then our conditions will become more difficult.

PM Imran Khan said only 72 Thousand people show their income more than 2 lacs, whereas 1.7 Million people pay taxes. Our rich people do not pay taxes and due to that poor people are being charged an unnecessary tax which is completely unfair.

Prime Minister said our rich class does not pay their Taxes, and this causes extra burden on common-man. Gas deficit was at extreme and no bank was ready to give loans to them, this is why we had to increase gas prices, because, if we had not taken this step then gas companies could Shut-down.

Imran Khan said Pakistan is the least tax paying country of the world. We talk about MADINA state but unfortunately we don’t understand the term. Astonishingly no one ever thought of making any shelter home. Non Muslims value the humanity more than us; they have given so many rights to animals which we are not still providing to even humans. We will not increase tax rates in Pakistan rather we will organize a tax culture in Pakistan.

PM Imran Khan said I started following simplicity first from myself and then suggested to reduce 10% expenses of all the executives, whereas, I have saved 30% expenses of Prime Minister house, which have saved 150 Million till now. I live in my own house and bear all my expenses on my own.

PM Imran Khan further said everybody is going abroad for medical treatments; Ishaa Daar is going foreign for medical treatment. Sharif family are getting medical treatments worth 280 Million from abroad. Shahbaz Sharif is going abroad for his medical as well as Nawaz Sharif says allow the medical treatment from abroad otherwise send back to jail. And on the other hand deserving people are sharing beds with at least 4 co-patients in hospitals, whereas, our leader class prefers foreign treatments. We have decided no one will go for foreign treatments with tax money from now onwards. Therefore, we will improve our own hospitals.

PM Imran Khan said we are moving towards E-Governance so that we could collect taxes with proper tax culture easily. Currently we are collecting 4.5 trillion rupees and we believe we can collect 8 billion rupees from Pakistan.

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