Our Mission


Our Mission and the purpose of the whole team of beardbanker.com is to help the downtrodden peoples. Especially our purpose is to help those children who has not the range to the three times meal. The earning though beardbanker.com either it is through local ads or Google Ads; we have devoted it for the poor people.

We request you that if you take the responsibility of any child, it may happen make his life and Almighty “ALLAH” will make a beautiful house for you in Paradise. The mission of Beard Banker’s Founder “zain” is to help as far as possible. Our web site beardbanker.com is not competing with any company, website or individual.

We have come out by putting nobility in our hearts, and where there is the matter of humanity; there is no competition. If you want to be the part of our team, we will welcome you, and publish your picture at our website with your short profile.