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On-Screen Finger Print Scanner in Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

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Samsung Galaxy S10 will contain the feature of on-screen finger print scanner which is reportedly based upon ultrasonic technology which is more effective and user friendly than previous technologies. It was earlier reported that Galaxy Note 9 will have this feature, however, it has been confirmed that the feature will be available in Samsung Galaxy S10. Though same technology has been used by few Chinese smartphone manufacturers, however, Samsung has aced the technology.

The reason of introducing this feature to give users a faster method to access mobile sets as compared to older optical technology as it generates high frequency acoustic waves which are not hampered by dusty and greasy surface. Moreover, Samsung will embed the fingerprint sensors underneath the screen using the technology known as “fingerprint on display”.

The announcement about the same was made by DJ Koh, who heads mobile phone operations in Samsung as he was talking to customers in China. Samsung is going to introduce three variants of Samsung Galaxy S10 i.e. 6.1 inch & 6.4 inch models and a cheaper 5.8 inch model. This new technology will be introduced in two of these models. The new technology will be used in 6 inch plus models whereas 5.8 inch model will have a different technology. The introduction of technology will improve the accuracy of the scanner. Samsung is also planning to use this technology for other appliances and devices being produced by the tech giant.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Specs

— AI-specific chipset, with CPU, GPU and separate neural processor
— 5G modem
— UFS 3.0 storage
— 93 per cent or more screen-to-body ratio
— 9th-generation mobile Super AMOLED display
— 3D AI processing with camera
— L-shaped battery

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price

The next step, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Price with a 6.1″ display, would perhaps start at $749.99 for the base version and go up as you pick up the more sweetened up storage versions. Finally, the top-tier Samsung Galaxy S10+ will maybe be start at $849.99 at least and possibly cross a $1,000 or more for its maximum spec’d up version.

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