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OGRA again recommend Rs. 5.4 rupees per Liter Increase in Petrol Price

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Once again the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has suggested increasing the petrol price by Rs 5.4 rupees per liter. According to the source, a proposal was sent to the caretaker government which will decide the verdict. The regulator suggested an increase in the prices of other petroleum products as well. The regulatory authority has made given below proposal regarding the petroleum products prices:

• An increase of Rs 5.40 rupees in per liter Petrol Price. If the suggestion gets acknowledged, the updated petrol price will be set at Rs 97.36 rupees per liter from the current price of Rs 91.96 rupees.

• Rs: 6.20 rupees increase in per liter price of High-Speed Diesel (HSD). The price will be reviewed upwards to Rs: 111.51 rupees per liter from Rs: 105.31 rupees if the offer gets accepted.

• Kerosene oil’s price to be increased by Rs: 12 rupees per liter. The new price will be set at Rs: 96.34 rupees up from the present price of Rs: 84.34 rupees.

The petroleum products’ prices have been on the increase for the last two years now. The government increased the prices this month as well which were operational from June 12th to June 30th. The Petroleum Ministry will review Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority’s petroleum before the start of the next month and make a decision.

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