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New Zealand Mosque Attacks, Who Is This Trainer Terrorist?

New Zealand Mosque Attack

An Australian Broadcasting Channel has revealed about the armed man involved in the attacks on two Mosques in city Christchurch New Zealand, according to them Brenton Tarrant had been a Gym trainer in Australia. In the opinion of Australian Civil broadcasting channel of Australian broadcasting Corporation that assailant was working as a gym trainer in “Big River Gym” in an Australian city Grafton in the state of New South Wales.

The Gym manager Tressy Grey has confirmed that the name of the armed man who has recorded the video of New Zealand Mosque Attacks and live streamed it on social media is Brenton Tarrant. She reported that Brenton Tarrant had been working in her gym since 2009 to 2011, later he went for his tours of Asia and Europe. Tressy Grey said that Brenton Tarrant was a great personal trainer.

The gym manager stated that he volunteered in one of our programs, in which we trained children free of cost and he was so enthusiastic for this as well. Tressy Grey said, I never felt that Brenton Tarrant was ever interested in weapons. She stated that I believe Brenton has got these changes due to some reason while his international tours of previous years.

Tressy Grey has also reported that Brenton’s father Mr. Rodney had died due to cancer before his high school education completed. She said Brenton’s mother and sister are still alive. Tressy stated, he was a nice man and was considered an expert instructor at het gym. The gym manager said Brenton Tarrant was a great fitness instructor from every aspect and he tried to help others as much as possible.

She said I can’t still believe that the man I talked to and worked with can take such extreme step. More news about the attacker are coming out, he has visited Europe, North East Asia and East Asia as well.

The assailant has visited Sam joint ground monument of South Korea as well during his international tours, some of his pictures with tour group has also been unveiled. Another family picture has been included in this report where Brenton’s father is holding him and his wife and daughter are also standing beside him.

The attacker told he worked for a short time before earning money from “But Connect”, he used all his money for his tour expenses. Brenton had showed himself as a middle class man, who belongs to a less earning family.

A local newspaper “Daily Examiner” had issued the news of Rodney’s death on august 2010, he died due to cancer at the age of 49. Brenton was inherently inspired from physical fitness. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has issues a photograph in its report and has claimed that Brenton’s pictures had been taken at somewhere in PAKISTAN in 2018.

Sydney Morning Herald has reported that Tressy Grey has revealed that in Brenton’s previous Facebook Messages he expressed about his tour of PAKISTAN. He told that this is the place full of the kindest hearted and hospitable people in the world. The Attacker also said that “nothing can beat the beauty of Hunza Valley in autumn.”

New Zealand Mosque Attacks

Let’s be clear on it, the Attackers entered into the two Grand Mosques, Masjid-al-Noor and Lane Wood in New Zealand’s city Christchurch. They started firing when a huge number of MUSLIMS were present in the Mosques to offer their Friday Prayer.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand has told in his press conference that 49 persons have been died whereas several are injured as the result of this regrettable incidence. According to the Police Authorities, they have arrested 4 attackers after the incident happened, which includes 3 men and one woman.

The Bangladesh Cricket Team had also reached the Mosque to offer their prayer, however they heard the firing and successfully escaped and reached back to their Hotel. After the following incident the 3rd match between Bangladesh and New Zealand has been postponed. Later the Bangladesh Cricket team announced to end up their New Zealand tour instantly. One of the attackers had live streamed the video on the internet, which has been deleted from Social Media as the Brutality was on its peak in the video.

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