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New iPhone will slow down in comparison with Android devices?

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If you intend to buy a new iPhone this year, know that Apple’s famous devices may slow down in comparison with Android devices this year. The company, which has 4G chips for smart phones, has said that it does not modify any of the upcoming iPhone smartphones. According to the company, we believe Apple’s aim is to fully use latest modems in new iPhones.

In the beginning of 2017 a legal battle on patents was started between Apple and Qualcomm, before the iPhone used only Qualcomm modems in devices, but now 50 percent of the devices are working on Intel modems. It is not told by the Qualcomm which company will provide modems to iPhones in future, but it seems that Intel will be the next.

In different speed tests, it has been proven that the smartphone network operating speed on the Qualcomm chips is much higher than the speed on Intel processor that means Apple’s users may face problems in downloading with Intel processor. It is believed that the first 5G smartphone modem is being introduced this year, while Intel is expected to be introducing next year. In this contest Apple may face 2nd position in the race of 5G technology supported devices.

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