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New Facebook Bug Exposed Millions Photos of Its Users

2018 was a tragic year for social networking site Facebook which was full of scandals and blames from users and Government. At the end of the year in a recent blog post Facebook acknowledged that millions of user’s privacy affected and pictures were shared due to a bug appeared in the photo software of Facebook. Facebook says the user who has been affected by new bug will be conveyed by the company.

Due to this bug, more than two thousand third-party apps have access to the pictures that people uploaded on Facebook, but did not public. However, pictures saved in Facebook stories and marketplace got viral and misused by third-parties.

It was reported in the Facebook statement that ‘For example, someone uploaded photos to Facebook, but did not post it, now whatever happens, but a copy of this photo we can save in our data automatically. This bug affected almost 6.8 million people, those allowed to third-party apps to access their photos and videos. This bug was activated in September for 12 days.

The statement said that we apologize on this situation, next week; we are releasing some tools for app developers which will help determine who was affected by this bug. Facebook was seriously criticized on Cambridge Antalya scandal this year, from which millions of people’s data got access to this app and he used it for American elections.

George Salmon, an analyst with Hargreaves Lansdown, said that new reports of bugs and breaches raise the likelihood that governments will impose new regulations on Facebook’s business practices. Complaints from users led to investigations by regulators and lawmakers.

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