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National Saving Schemes has increased profit rate, from 1st May 2018

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Islamabad: (Beardbanker) According to the recent press release, the profit rate on National Saving Schemes increased by 0.72 percent, which will apply on 1st May 2018. Director General National Savings Mr. Zafar Masood said that profit rate on Behbood Saving Certificates has increased by 0.72 percent after which the new Profit Rate has increased from 9.36 percent to 10.08 percent, and on Pensioners Benefit Account profit also increased by 0.72 percent which is 10.08 percent and it was 9.36 percent earlier.

Further, DG National Savings said, profit rate on Defense Saving Certificates increased by 0.56 percent and now it has 8.10 percent when the profit margin has increased by 0.77 percent to 6.80 percent. As the profit rate on Special Saving Certificates reached with increase of 0.77 percent to 6.80 percent.

The profit rate of Regular Income Certificates has increased by 1.09 percent and profit rate raised from 6.54 percent to 7.63 percent. He said, overall Saving Certificates profit 0.55 percent has increased, after that profit percentage increased 3.95 percent to 4.50 percent and the new rates of profit on all schemes will be applied on 1st May 2018.

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