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Mumbai High Court declared legal notices sent through WhatsApp are Legal

Mumbai High Court declared legal notices sent through WhatsApp are Legal

According to the foreign media reports Mumbai High Court Judge Gotham Patel has declared that the notices sent through WhatsApp online messaging mobile application are legal and this legal notice will also be treated as a written paper notice. Because the Blue Tick (blue mark) is intended to read the message. The Mumbai High Court has given it during the preceding of case by State Bank of India. The applicant said that Rohit Jadhav had changed his residence, due to which the notice was not sent to the house.

But, meanwhile his phone number was on-line in record, that is why they were sent legal notice to the WhatsApp in PDF format, which Jadhav viewed, and also downloaded the file. During the hearing, the Mumbai High Court said that legal notice sent in the form of WhatsApp messages will be seen as a paper notice in any kind of judicial proceedings.

It is clear that the State Bank of India complained about one of his clients Rohit Jadhav a Nalasopara resident that he is a credit card defaulter and he has to pay more than one hundred seventeen thousand rupees. Rohit was assisted by an authorized officer by sending a PDF and message to his mobile number as a WhatsApp message. Justice Patel said. “For the purposes of service of notice I will accept this. I do so because the blue icon displays clearly show that not only was the message and attachment delivered but that both were opened.

Jadhav had run up credit card dues of Rs: 85,000/- in 2010. In 2011, following negotiation minutes, he was ordered to pay back the amount along with 8% markup. When Jadhav failed to make the payment, the bank filed an execution application in 2015 to enforce the award. The amount at the time stood at Rs: 117000/-. Over the last two years, the bank had been trying to serve the notice about the litigation on Jadhav but without success as he kept shifting his rental accommodation.

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