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Mobile Users Annoyed On Unauthorized Use of Data

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A large number of mobile users do feel annoyed by unwanted and indecent calls or messages by some marketing companies or supply chains for food, cosmetics, Construction, real estate and private life products, and other things of daily use. The people belonging to different sectors of the society have criticized of provision of data of the mobile users by the mobile companies to marketing and other business enterprises without their consent.

On getting this data, the marketing companies etc… start making calls or sending messages about their products or businesses without caring for the working or rest hours of the users. Sometimes, this causes serious disturbance to the mobile users. Mostly I have received messages with my name about products, real estate, and they also know you are married or unmarried and what you are doing in life by profession.

Even Mobile Users receive content related to sexual products. This becomes very irksome rather embarrassing for us when mobiles are in children’s hands,” said Nabeel Yasmeen, a retired government officer.

A Government employee, working on a senior position, said such type of calls and texts practically interrupted his official work. The inferior part of this episode was, when these calls were made or messages sent during late night. One in deep sleep is forced to wake up to receive the call or see the message under the impression/feeling that it might be important or of crucial nature.

An educated lady, who is mother of three minor daughters and a son, described it as a serious issue and mostly referred to the content receiving on mobiles which was not fit to be read by children. These un-invited calls and content simply created hatred against the use of cellular phones. And I don’t share such kind of vulgar text of these ads here. “Being a mother, I literally feel very bad,” she remarked.

A university student, shared that one day he received an un-known call. The caller, after saying Aslam-o-Alaikum, started telling about a housing project and tried to get my personal data, also financial status. Instead of responding to his queries, Student questioned,” how you got my number and name.” The reply was, “We can get everything easily”, in URDU.

Student said it was very shocking to him and he requested the man on the other end that he was not interested in any housing project and would be thankful for no call in future.

There were many other Mobile Users from different age groups and sections of the society, who faced this scribe and complained of the same issue.

All these Mobile Users or their parents called for strict regulations and monitoring by the government over the mobile companies to stop them from providing access to any marketing companies or other enterprises to the data of their network users who never gave consent for the use of their date without their permission.

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