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Khan Ka Inqalaab, Ya Aap ka Inqalaab?

General Elections 2018, Imran khan, PTI

The General Elections of 2018 have made an extraordinary history. Imran Khan has won all the National Assembly seats as he was contesting elections on. Who made it happen? Of course the public! The public used their vote prudently this time and gave change a chance. Imran Khan is the man who brought World cup in Pakistan in 1992. He is the one who made a world-class Cancer Hospital in Pakistan in loving memory of his mother who died of cancer and NAMAL University is another great example. Even if people don’t like him from a political outlook, every single citizen of Pakistan appreciates him for bringing the World Cup home.

Where Imran Khan is admired among the general public, he is also criticized on a lot of things such as his violent speeches and his marriage to a Jew. But other than that, Khan is still the superhero of this upcoming generation. Imran Khan has promised a lot of things to his followers and the general public. He struggled for 22 years and finally succeeded. People with neutral politics perspective also admire Khan for everything he has done for the country.

Khan gave a very mature, progressive and Emotional Speech on Thursday which made every Pakistani proud. Now, the question is how would the change come? Khan doesn’t have a magic wand that he would point at Pakistan and the country would change from east to west. The change he has promised comes with the change within ourselves. If he promised a corruption-free Pakistan that means first we have to eliminate corruption from ourselves rather than blaming him that he didn’t bring the change he promised. Yes, of course, he would have a role to play as a leader, but the first initiative has to be from both sides.

My request to every single Pakistani who is reading this blog is that now when you have elected Imran Khan as your Prime Minister, don’t just sit and wait for a corruption-free Naya Pakistan in a short span. Give him the time to make changes he wants to bring in Pakistan. With that change yourself and be a better version of you as no leader can bring change alone. If you really want to see a changed Pakistan, start from now. Start doing what you expect others to do. Together we can make Pakistan, a better Pakistan.

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