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ISIS Accepted Responsibility For Bombings in Sri Lanka

Terrorist organization ISIS Accepted Responsibility For Bombings in Sri Lanka

Terrorist organization ISIS has accepted the responsibility of conducting series of bomb blasts on Easter-day in Sri Lanka. According to the report published in The Guardian, Terrorist organization ISIS supreme news agency claimed to have linked the attacks with ISIS organization. However, the terrorist organization ISIS had no evidence of its claim.

It is believed that before Terrorist organization ISIS has been trying to connect many times its relationship with violence and blasts. Experts have shown that a series of attacks on three churches and hotels makes sense of the presence of a group.

Meanwhile, the viral CCTV footage of the attack on the church in Negombo, where terrorists could be seen to reach the inner center of the church, with how much comfort they entered from the outer part of the church. Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister, Rayel Vikram Sangha has warned about more blasts in country.

PM Rayel Vikram also said that terrorists are still in country that can attack in future. He said that Intelligence report had already been received from agencies about the blasts, and many officers will be dismissed from their job due to negligence of their duties. Ranel Vikram Sangha claimed that the Indian embassy was also in the list of invaders.

According to the intelligence agencies report it was alerted that the terrorist group National Thowheeth Jama’ath was planning to attack on churches, but this information was received in Prime Minister Office after the blasts. Also remember that Sri Lanka is also facing political instability in these days.

The Minister of Health said that all the invaders were citizen of Sri Lanka, whereas the authorities showed that foreigners are also involved in the attacks. The purpose of the attack could not be ascertained yet. It is cleared that on Easter Sunday, eight explosions killed more than 340 people in Sri Lanka, including 45 children, and left over 500 wounded. It was among the worst terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11.

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