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Is Live Streaming Site YouTube Really Bigger Than Facebook?

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Social Networking site Facebook is currently the world’s most popular website and mobile application, with more than 2 billion 20 million users, but it looks like this honeymoon can snatch Google’s video sharing site YouTube. Yes, the number of YouTube users has exceeded 1 billion 90 million, while watching the videos of this site daily on TV screen has reached 18 million hours. YouTube’s CEO Suzanne Wojky announced that figures in a blog post said that television has become an important source for watching videos now.

Similarly, the number of users through likes, comments and chat has increased almost 60% compared to last year. Live streaming has increased by 10 times over the past 3 years and over 6 million users are clicked on or tagged community tab posts. The company also announced that it intends to extend the stores to more than 10 thousands subscribers, while a new copyright match tool will also be introduced.

The company said that, we are also working on features to control the excess use of the screen. Similarly, YouTube Studio’s new dashboard will also be presented during the next few weeks. It is also said that in popularity after Facebook, the WhatsApp mobile messaging application was considered for 2nd position in the race of popularity, due to the number of users is more than 1.5 billion.

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