Iqra Aziz Eyes Good Script For Silver Screen Debut

Iqra Aziz Eyes Good Script For Silver Screen Debut

Although Suno Chanda Season 2 is already in the works, Iqra Aziz is also looking forward to making her silver screen debut soon as she goes through the scripts, juggling between a tortuous decision whether to sign it or not. “I’m looking forward to an very well written script. Story does matter, but all of it goes in vain if the script is not written to detail. I want something that can give me Goosebumps just by reading it. So, let’s see,” she says.

On talking about the Pakistani film industry that has seen a bit of a revival lately, Iqra Aziz have faith in it’s team work that drives the industry in raising the bar for quality and content. “It’s not only dependent on the actor. It’s team work. From a DOP (Director of Production) to director and even the light guy – the work is interdependent, and the beauty comes out on screen when it’s all perfectly synchronized.”

She adds, “We can only produce a film of international appeal when we have a team working closely with each other, employing professional skills and expertise. It’s a team work that’s going to ultimately contribute to revolutionize the Pakistan film industry. It’s not a one man show.

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