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Investigation Agency FBI Issued New Warning To Internet Users

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Washington: The US investigation agency FBI revealed that a dangerous virus developed by Russian hackers is targeting worldwide internet routers. In the light of users protection Federal Bureau of Investigation issued warning to the Internet users that if they want to avoid any major harm then reboot your routers immediately. According to the National Post, the US investigation agency FBI says millions of Internet users worldwide have been affected by routers and it is necessary to protect users to reboot their internet routers, mean to say turn off for 30 seconds and turn on again.

According to the US technology experts say that dangerous virus may target internet router and block web traffic, further hacker can collect information that passes through domestic or business routers, can completely disable devices and steal users important data. The US Department of Justice says that the virus is spread by the Russian hackers ‘Sophiex Group’ and at that time millions of routers are under control.

The Russian hackers Sophiex Group also known as APT 28 or Fancy Bear and the group is working on directives of Russian intelligence agency. United Stated and European intelligence agencies say that in 2016 the same group had interference and hacking in the US election.

The US Investigation Agency FBI says that individual and business users should reboot at least their routers to protect their private data. If there is a virus on their router, rebooting will temporarily turn off its activity. For more security users have been asked to upgrade their router firmware and also use the best and secure passwords. If there are remote management settings on your routers, the FBI advises them to disable them.

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