Indus Motor Company has increased the prices of its vehicles yet again.

Indus Motor Company has increased the prices of Toyota Vehicles

Indus motors increase 3rd time prices of Toyota vehicles due to dollar high price in Pakistan and this devalue of Pak rupee will be affected on Toyota vehicle. Increase in price of Toyota vehicles was also due to Pak rupee devaluation for last two times. Toyota Company has become the first company of Pakistan which increases its vehicle prices. A common man cannot purchase Toyota vehicle easily because you can purchase GLI in prices of XLI.

Toyota Corolla Latest Prices

Toyota increases its prices upto 1.9 million. According to our sources other companies has also increased their prices. Earlier, in march 2018 Indus Motor Company has increased upto 300,000 but Toyota has announced increment in prices from 1st July 2018.

Toyota Hilux Latest Prices

Now, we compare to Honda company whether it is going to increase its prices or not and dollar price will also effect on the imported Japanese cars as well. Honda has already increased its bikes prices a few days ago. Now, let see whether the dollar value remains same or increase with the time.

Indus Motor Company has increased the prices of Toyota vehicles

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