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India is Top country in Worst behavior with women

India's first number in worst behavior with women

The foreign news agency Reuters has been surveyed with women, which consisted of 550 people. India is the first number in bad reputation, despite claiming the largest democracy; the country has been declared the worst country in bad behavior with India, women, who have demonstrated openly demonstrating anti-aggression and stereotypes in Kashmir.

India is Top country in Worst behavior with women. For example, in India sexual abuse, domestic and physical violence in women’s abusive behavior, forced to work and forced marriage. Seven years ago India’s number was seven in the same survey.

According to the Reuters survey, India is on number one position due to bad and abusive behavior with women’s, Afghanistan on 2nd, Syria on 3rd position, Somalia on 4th, Saudi Arabia on 5th, Pakistan on 6th, People’s Republic Kamo country on 7th, Yemen on 8th, Nijeriya country on 9th and United States of America on 10th positing in the list of worst countries.

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