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Imran Khan’s Popularity Increased, Became The World’s Seventh Favorite Leader

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The Pakistani Prime Minister of Pakistan (Expected), Imran Khan’s popularity has increased and became the world’s seventh favorite leader before taking oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan. The number of Twitter fans has increased more than 8 million, with number of fans became the world’s seventh favorite leader. According to the Twitter’s latest stats Imran Khan getting popularity because the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman’s tweets on twitter have been causing significant reputation on Social Media.

At the moment, the number of fans of Imran Khan have exceeded 8 million 17 thousand, while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Troyo is on number eight with number of fans who have more than 4 million 26 thousand. The number of fans of Imran Khan on twitter is expected to increase further and it is assuming that as soon as they take oath of Prime Minister on Pakistan, this number will automatically increase.

According to the number of Followers on Twitter, the 1st number is US President Donald Trump, which is Five crore 34 lakh twitter fans. On 2nd position, Narendra Modi of Bharat with 4 crore 33 lakhs fans, Pope Francis on the 3rd position with 1 crore 77 lakh, 4th number of President Tayyip Erdogan with 1 crore 31 lakh, 5th number of Oman Queen Rania Abdullah with 1 crore 6 lakh, 6th number of Joko Widodo with 1 cror 2 lakh, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Imran Khan became the world’s seventh favorite leader with 8 lakh 17 thousand twitters fans, Candian PM Justin Troyo 4 Lakh three thousand on 8th, French President Emmanuel Macron on 9th position with 3 lac two thousand fans and at the end on 10th position is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu one hundred four thousand twitter fans.

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