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If you want to be safe, do not write these five activities on Facebook

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There are also negative aspects of social media where they have many benefits. Today people often share their daily life routines on social media specially on Facebook, which also threatens to harm them, because everybody is aware of their movement and personal activities such as shopping. If you want to be safe than 5 such things we will tell you that you never share on Facebook or any social media website.According to the latest social study, read following tips to save your self, Data, Money and specially your family.

First of all never share on Facebook, whenever you leave home and when you come back. Because of this, miscellaneous elements can be affected by your usual routine in your home in any way of your absence. Never share your shopping information on social media at the second number; this makes people estimate your financial status and others find out that you have bought all the precious things.

Third, do not share your presence on social media or Facebook anytime. You can also get into trouble with it. Always place the location option off on your social media accounts. Fourth, before sharing anything on social media, take a look at it and make sure that this content will not cause any trouble for you after going to the whole world.

Fifth point is most important i.e. never write or mention names of your loved ones, relatives, and especially children and do not tag them on Facebook. Do not even share your photos of your children, whom they recognize, as a photo taken in the school uniform, on which school name is engaged on social media.

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