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How To Improve Relationship with Customers?

While working in the services sector the most important thing to consider is the Relationship with Customers and customer satisfaction to whom the services are being provided. While few customers may get precedence over others due to nature of business with them however, as a yardstick each one of them should be treated equally and respectfully. The staff should be cognizant of the fact that business revolves around the customers and with the growing banking sector, people have a lot to choose from.

Educational institutions while preparing students for banking sector usually focus more on teaching skills and theories and cutting edge technologies, however, they do not prepare them in handling customers. It is generally considered that students will learn this aspect in due to course of time with experience and as part of on job training.

In the following lines, few of the guidelines are being given to improve relationship with customers:-

Relationship with Customers

a. Banks cater for people from all walks of life and they come to banks with different expectations. It is therefore imperative for bank staff to elicit exact requirement from the customer so that the staff knows what customer is looking for and accordingly possible solutions can be offered. Bank staff should try to share goals and dreams of the customers.

b. Banking staff should know that mutual respect and honesty are the foundation stones for a successful business relationship. Every customer must be treated with respect and be given appropriate time.

c. Customers usually come in two categories, those who are pro technology and those who find it difficult to understand this. The staff should be able to handle both scenarios and present workable solutions to both set of customers.

d. Most of the customers often come to complain about the sudden change in rules and regulations especially the minor deductions or change in procedures. It is the duty of bank to keep the customers updated about these changes through texts or emails. An attitude to put blame on customer by bringing on his / her ignorance is usually counterproductive.

e. Most of the banks as a matter of policy are forthcoming to their customers and often announce discount packages from different brands and invitations for social events. It is the duty of the staff to convey this goodwill to the customers who often never come to know about these facilities. Increased interaction and personalized relationship will nurture an environment of trust among the customers.

f. In improving the relationship with customers managers can play a key role. A personalized discussion with customers give them confidence. In case the managers are busy they may rely on their subordinate staff to fill in the details.

g. Many organizations including banks start the business with a boom however, over a period of time, the customers stop coming over and stagnation of business is therefore experienced. The banks need to be wary of this and therefore proactive approach towards customers who have stopped doing business with bank be formulated. Newer incentives may be announced to win back such clients.

The above mentioned measures are by no means exhaustive in nature, however, they are definitely the starting point towards a healthy and fruitful relationship with customers.

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