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How do you become a Professional Banker in Pakistan?

Standard Chartered Bank, Soneri Bank, MCB Bank, HBL, BOP, Askari Bank, Silk Bank and Dubai Islamic Bank

To become a Professional Banker, you can apply to the banks directly. Otherwise, you can get a colleague or reference in the bank to help you send in the application. Most of the banks have a recognized training program and to graduate, you will have to The Institute of Banking Pakistan (IBP) exams, IBP Superior Qualification (ISQ) is the only recognized professional qualification for bankers in Pakistan, which is recognized both, locally and internationally. The ISQ comprises of three stages which are Junior Associateship of IBP (JAIBP), Associateship of IBP (AIBP) and Fellowship of IBP (FIBP). The JAIBP and AIBP qualifications are both recognized by the Chartered Banker Institute (UK).


You need to start applying to them. In Pakistan, banks such as State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) as MTO and Bank of Punjab (BOP) recruit about 40 to 50 Professional Bankers every three months. There are various commercial banks including Standard Chartered Bank, Soneri Bank, MCB Bank, HBL, BOP, Askari Bank, Silk Bank and Dubai Islamic Bank to apply for. Because a Professional Banker has to speedily learn the job, know the financial market and importantly, sell financial products and meet his sales target, the following factors become paramount to selecting you:-

• Able to absorb & understand financial information
• Able to sell financial products
• Able to meet sales target
• Able to address problems and concerns
• Fit the image of the banks and people in the bank as a frontline staff
• Able to connect with people, and from different background
• Have the drive to learn and succeed

You maybe don’t want to say this during the interview. Most banks offer a training program for 3 or 6 months like SBP and NBP. You will learn about banking, wealth management, industry standards and obligations. All these will give you the basic foundation to get started.

Banks are always looking for people and talents and many have done well because they came from different background such as Engineering and Social Sciences. This helps because a professional Banker must be able to connect with people quickly. Sometimes, it isn’t always talking about financial products. This is why a Professional Banker or as you advance in your career the role is widely known as a Relationship Manager.

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