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Honda Company Has Introduced Honda Jet Elite HA-420

You may not know but Honda also manufactures airplanes besides motorcycles, vehicles, generators and 9,000 other items. For which the sub-branch of the company was named Honda Jet and it introduced its best aircraft Honda Jet Elite HA-420 last year with New Exterior Colors with Signature Paint Scheme**: Three premier signature paints, Ice Blue / Ruby Red / Monarch Orange.

The company has declared it the best in small private jet planes, which is the cheapest and fuel-saving provider. According to the President and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company and Gentaro Toya, compared to previous models, this Honda Jet Elite HA-420 is capable of saving 17% of fuel. Honda introduced its first aircraft in 2015 and presented its updated version elite last year, which is now available to users around the world.

Honda Jet Elite can travel 1,437 nautical miles with plane fuel tank, which is 17% higher than before. Its performance management system provides optimized performance planning for all phases of flight such as airspeed / cruise altitude, fuel flow etc… a low runway is needed to fly or land this plane. And this is the fastest and quietest flight of the company, while cabinets are also quite suitable.

Most of the updates have been made in the avionics system, such as the new auto pilot system, performance management, software and technology, dynamic management etc. The Honda Jet Elite HA-420 cost is more than $ 5.2 million, which is $0.3 million more than the 2015 model.

The Honda Jet Elite also protects the environment by offering the best fuel efficiency in its class while also featuring best-in-class speed, altitude and range. The aircraft is type certified by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The Honda Jet Elite will be displayed for the first time to the public at EBACE from May 28th through May 31st.

Honda Aircraft Company

Honda Aircraft Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Honda Motor Co. Inc. Founded in 2006, Honda Aircraft’s world headquarters is located in North Carolina, the birthplace of aviation. The challenging spirit upon which Mr. Soichiro Honda founded Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is alive today as Honda Aircraft fulfills one of Honda’s longstanding dreams to advance human mobility skyward.

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