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Hackers Have Access of 3.6 Million Internet Users’ Accounts

Hackers Have Access of 3.6 Million Internet Users’ Accounts

According to the data provided by the British Company National Cyber Security Center (NSCC), hackers can get access to 3.6 million internet users’ account and important information across the world. According to the report published in The Guardian, the NSCC revealed that due to modern appliances, hackers’ access increased of confidentiality or personal information on the Internet, such as threats from using common word “password” as passwords, inviting an open invitation.

In addition, the company revealed that 23.2 million internet users are using ‘12345’ & ‘123456’, while 3.8 million users are using the first 6 characters of the computer’s keyboard ‘qwerty’ as password. The worrying lapses in online security appear in a review of the top 100,000 passwords to be unlocked by online fraudsters, carried out by the NCSC – part of the GCHQ intelligence agency.

Using favorite names of favorite celebrities, sports players, football teams, bands and fictional characters also unprotected millions to hacking. The advice from the centre is simple – using three random words as a password should keep your information safe.

According to the organization almost 89% use the internet to make online purchases in United Kingdom, only 15% said they know a great deal about how to protect themselves from harmful activity. Some 432,276 accounts used the name “ashley”, while “michael” was used 425,291 times. Football fans also allowed their love for their club to lower their defences. The password “liverpool” was breached 280,723 times, “chelsea” 216,677 times and “arsenal” 179,095 times.

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