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Google’s High Officials Including Co-Founder Are Involved In Sexual Harassment

Google’s High Officials Including Co-Founder Are Involved In Sexual Harassment

The biggest company of Internet technology Google is accusing about gender discrepancies and the difference between salary and privileges of male and female employees. However, in this company, Sexual Harassment case has also been reported i.e. women employees who have been sexually harassed and targeted by high-ranking male officers. Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

According to the case, three senior officers of Google were involved in sexual harassment and setting up physical relationships with women employees. However, the company also paid millions of dollars, including a safe way to leave these men from the company.

The American newspaper New York Times report has alleged that Sexual Harassment of female employee’s case has arisen from Google’s former high ranked employees, Founder of Android OS Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President Amit Singhal and Head of Google organization CapitalG David Lawee. The report also claims that Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin was also involved in setting up sex with a married woman.

The report also states that the cases of harassment of women came in the past decade by Google’s senior officers. After the cases of harassment of women, the company also investigated, in which the officers were found guilty, due to which they had to leave the company. Google paid millions of dollar to above said officers after leaving the company.

According to the report, Google paid 90 Million dollar to Founder of Android OS Andy Rubin after leaving company, whose last installment will be paid next month. However, on the other hand, Google has expressed concern over the report of the American newspaper, and has rejected the allegations.

Further on the other hand Google Chief Executive (CEO) said I am surprised at the New York Times report about Sexual Harassment, because the company has said that the officers involved in Sexual Harassment case, did not give a safe way. The statement further states that the company has been abducted by 48 people who have sexually harassed women in the past two years. According to the report, now all the high and their subordinate officers have been instructed to inform the company regarding any kind of relationship with any of his fellow employees.

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