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Google Refute Stories That Fuchsia OS Will Replace Android

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Google, has for the first time ever, replied to fake stories of the upcoming Fuchsia OS switching Android Operating System anytime soon in the near future. In an announcement released to CNET is the world’s leader in tech product news, according to the company Fuchsia OS was just another “one of many trial open-source projects” being developed at Google.

In fact, there isn’t even a formal five-year timeline devoted to the project with any clear goal. The conversion from Android and Chrome OS, the 2nd software which Fuchsia OS is preordained to switch, will be complicated mostly because of the size of the market and the power that Google’s partners have. The suggestions for the changes that bring to its advertising income will also be of dominant concern. We’ve been hearing about Fuchsia OS for quite some time now, though, the latest rounds of fireworks were exploded by a Bloomberg report.

According to the report a team of 100 engineers at Google have been working for two years on the Operating System, which will first be used in voice-controlled speakers by 2021. Plans for more majority devices like mobile phones, devices and laptops should follow soon after.

Finally, Fuchsia OS is meant to replace Android and Chrome Operating System by present a single solution for all connected devices. Building an OS from scrape would give Google more comfort when it comes to updating its devices across the board. It will also help it rid itself of peripheral software such as Java and Linux, which is difficult even more so due to Google’s current legal battles with Oracle.

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