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Gang of ATM Skimmers Arrested By FIA in Islamabad

Pakistani Gang of ATM Thieves And a European Arrested in Islamabad

The Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) arrested Pakistani gang of ATM Skimmers and a European in Islamabad which has been involved in committing ATM Skimming at several places throughout the Islamabad. Among the arrested supporters of the Gang of ATM, a Romanian citizen was also arrested. In Pakistan ATM Skimming is very common crime in these days but now FIA and other security agencies are in action to put them in jail.

According to the Police this gang was found with at least 130 ATM, credit cards, with up to 1000 fake ATM cards, a camera and a laptop which they used to carry out their evil activities. The police believe that the gang of ATM has already stolen billions of rupees from the citizens in the capital city. They added that the gang was looking to escape the country with the robbed money.

This is not the first case of its kind connecting with foreign nationals in Pakistan. Just this year, two Chinese citizens were arrested and found guilty of ATM skimming. They face one-year custody and a fine of Rs 50,000 each.

What Is ATM Skimming

ATM Skimming is a method by which criminals can record your debit card details as well as the PIN code you use for withdrawing your money from ATM Machines. Some scammers stack a fake card reader atop an ATM, waiting for innocent persons to use it and record their details in the process. Other criminals have made use of a fake keypad on the ATM terminal to record keystrokes.

Some even use a hidden camera to record everything in real time. In fact, some scammers also change the whole display of the ATM in order to fool you. But it is not an easy task, everyone can’t do that.

For everyone that uses an ATM machine, make sure you carefully examine the terminal you use. Try to shake everything from the place you insert the key-card, to the keyboard as well as the display. Also, make sure that nothing is blocking your key-card when you insert it. If you sense anything uncommon about the ATM, it’s better to trust your gut and avoid it overall. Make sure you inform the bank officials about your experience.

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